Our Coalition

What is a Coalition? 

The Healthy Youth CAN Coalition is a volunteer advisory coalition that works toward a common goal of building a safe, healthy, and drug-free community. Represented by community “sectors”, each member brings a unique perspective of the group of they represent and are able to use their respective sphere of expertise and influence to advance HYCAN’s mission.

Sector reps meet monthly at HYCAN Coalition Meetings on the third Tuesday (with the exception of July & December).


Central Seattle Community Sectors:

The Postman


Representing the Business Sector, Coalition member, Keanna Pickett and her husband, D’Vonne are owners of the family business The Postman, a one-stop shop for mail & business needs.  Representing five Central District generations. Ancestor Jacques Chappell Jacque worked for the United States Postal Service as a Mail Carrier in Seattle’s Central District for 37 years from 1950-1987.

Keanna & D’Vonne Pickett & family

Keanna & D’Vonne Pickett & family

Lieutenant Paul Leung

Lieutenant Paul Leung

Lieutenant paul leung

Law enforcement sector

Operations Lieutenant Paul Leung of the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct, represents the Law Enforcement sector of the Coalition. In his 35 years with the Seattle Police Department, he has served the Central Seattle community for over 11 years, where he worked as a patrol officer, patrol sergeant, gang detective, gang detective sergeant, patrol lieutenant and now operations lieutenant. Lt Leung is very committed to HYCAN’s mission as well as the Central Seattle Community.

Denise Harnly

Denise Harnly

Denise Harnly

Civic/Volunteer Sector

Along with Interim Coalition Chair Joanna Cullen, Denise Harnley represents the Civic/Volunteer Sector of the Coalition. A member of the Leschi Community Council and board member of Seattle Neighborhood Group, Denise was the  founder of and wrote the original grant that funded the Drug-Free Communities program that became Healthy Youth CAN.  She has been a resident of Central Seattle’s Leschi neighborhood for over 30 years.

Types of sector rep groups can also include:

Parent + Religious/Fraternal Organizations +  State/Local/Tribal Governments Youth + Healthcare+ Professional + Media + School Religious/Fraternal Organizations + Other Substance Abuse Organizations 

Role of the Coalition Members 

The role of the coalition members is to support the program’s strategic plan, including:

  • Attending monthly meetings to share updates and ideas  

  • Setting goals, objectives, and strategies

  • Develop and update the Annual Strategic Plan

    • Participating in Network Workgroups, collaborating with Coordinator to:

        • Plan the implementation of direct services, environmental strategies, and media campaigns

        • Conduct “Needs and Resource” Assessments

        • Evaluate both quantitative and qualitative data to inform program strategies and, activities

        • Determine youth prevention and school discipline policy changes  

        • Help to organize and participate in an annual Key Leader Event

        • Participate in the annual Coalition Assessment Tool (CAT) survey

HYCAN Community Organizations

Visit the links below to Central Area community network organizations

Garfield High School PTSA

African American Community Advisory Council

Seattle Parks and Recreation Teen Programs

WAPI (Washington Asian Pacific Islanders) Community Services