Hip-Hop 2 Prevent After School Program

Teaching Artists George Yasutake aka DJ Surreal and Paris Randall lead students in instruction on beat-making, microphone work in hip-hop, lyric writing, turntable techniques and more within the context of the Hip-Hop 2 Prevent curriculum created by P. Thandi Hicks Harper, Lead Program Developer.

Facilitated in Central Area schools by Healthy Youth Central Area Network, Hip-Hop 2 Prevent Substance Abuse and HIV (H2P) is designed to improve knowledge and skills related to drugs and HIV/AIDS among youth ages 12-16 with the aim of preventing or reducing their substance use and risky sexual activity. The program incorporates aspects of Hip-Hop culture–including language, arts, and history–as a social, cultural, and contextual framework for addressing substance use and HIV risk behaviors.

Prior to serving as implementers of H2P, program staff must participate in a 2-day training to expand their understanding about the genesis, ideology, and cultural components of Hip-Hop culture, the Hip-Hop Development Theory for positive youth engagement outcomes, and the H2P program overall.

Students at Washington Middle School participated in H2P curriculum during Fall 2018 as part of the HOST after school program at Washington Middle School in Seattle. Beginning in 2019, Teaching Artist B Boy Dan will showcase breakdancing and Hip Hop dance patterns as part of the H2P after school curriculum at Washington Middle School.